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Our Patron is:

The Hon. R.C. (Bob) Kucera


The Hon. Simon Millman MLA

(Member for Mount Lawley)


Perth Male Voice Choir (PMVC) is a performance choir singing in four-part harmony, under the leadership of our Musical Director Simone Bishop. We are based in Western Australia and routinely perform throughout the Perth Metropolitan area. In addition to organising our own concerts, we are available for hire for concert performances, weddings, funerals and corporate events.

We hold rehearsals at 7:30pm on Wednesday evenings at Royal Park Hall, 180 Charles Street, West Perth. We currently have over 60 members but are always  seeking new members. We encourage men of all ages to come along to a rehearsal and experience the joy of singing. PMVC is not an audition choir. Whilst some singing experience and an ability to read music are desirable, they are not essential. The most important attribute is enthusiasm.


We have a varied repertoire including traditional Welsh male voice classics, songs from the shows, and contemporary pieces.

We regularly receive enquiries to sing at special events and have a developing calendar of events, see below for the 2022 list. In October 2018 we undertook our first overseas tour of UK. We performed 5 concerts in South Wales and the Cotswolds. We then performed at the Royal Albert Hall, as part of the London Welsh Festival of Male Choirs.  In September this year we have a two joint concerts of 100 male voices, with Sydney Male Choir and the Australian Welsh Male Choir from Melbourne. Members of the choir will also join many other choirs from the Male Choir Association of Australia, in Sydney Town Hall in October.

Here are some videos of our performances!

Here You Lie (Side by Side)

Friendship in Song

Anfonaf Angel

Come in from the Firefly Darkness

Divine Brahma

Don't Go Chasing Shadows

Gwinllan a Roddwyd i'm Gofal 

Hen Wlad fy Nhadau (Welsh National Anthem)

Llwyn Owen



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100 Male Voices
Churchlands 2022

      2022 Performances

  • Sunday 27th February - St. David's DayThe Duke 

  • Sunday 10th April  - Singing in the City event, Trinity and Wesley Church

  • Friday 5th August (7:30pm) - Irish Club, Townshend Rd, Subiaco.

  • Sunday 28nd August (tba) - Welsh Society WA, Gymanfa Ganu (song festival) Charity Performance, Trinity Church, Perth.

  • Monday 19th September (tba) - Guest Choir performance, Massed School Choirs Event, Perth Concert Hall.

  • Friday  23rd September (7.30pm) - Joint concert with Sydney and Melbourne male choirs, Mandurah Boardwalk Theatre.

  • Sunday 25th September (3pm) - Joint concert with Sydney and Melbourne male choirs, Churchlands Senior High School

  • Sunday 30th October (tba) - MCAA Choral Festival, Sydney Town Hall.

  • Saturday 19th November 7.30 pm - Fremantle Park Sports & Community Centre

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